Chinese tropical VW Microbus (T2 , VW Bulli)

In the sunny city Sanya on the island Hainan, also called the “Hawai” of China.  I found another reminiscence to the states of the 79/80ies. A nice copy of the VW T2 microbus – in Germany known as VW Bulli. Nice work, nice colours and  smart brain – as far as I know the microbus was never sold in China.

A nice T2 microbus fake in Hainan

nice work of a VW T2 aficionado in Sanya / Hainan / China

A “Drilling” (triplet) Hotel in Xiamen

Zwilling Fake Hotel Xiamen China

This Hotel in Xiamen China has a Zwilling like “Triplet” sign

This logo of a Hotel in Xiamen (Fujian Province, China) is the simply blow up from the signet of the Zwilling Brand of the Zwilling J. A. Henckels knife manufacturer from Solingen Germany. So from twin to triplet.

Hello world!

Hello all,

this should be a funny directory of fakes and counterfeits seen on the road anywhere in the world.Travelling arround especially in Asia but also in the rest of the world, you ll definitely be confronted with fakes. The famous watch, the T-shirt – even the hamburger. This page doesn’t attempt to avoid fakes – most time we are not able to  distinguish between a very good fake and an original. So this page might only show the bad ones – the obviously, or as someone in China said once – the copies of a copy.

So lets start a collection of funny fakes – please publish your own pics and try to find a pic of the original too.

You might write in many languages, but please try to deal in English … mine isn’t the best at all – but you might understand as the rest of the audience may understand your English.

Happy blogging!