Leisure Fashion from MBW L em.. BMW em … whoever


Leisure Fashion form MBW L em BMW L em ... whoever

MBWL Brand looks like … ? Well but it’s not.

MB What ? L? Some times you can find some brands reminding us to known brands … not only the logo also the name seems to be like a brand scrabble. MBW L What? em… maybe just  a mistake? …seen in Pingyao, Shanxi, China.

chinese bag and belt label Bismarck honours the german chancellor

chinese bag and belt label Bismarck

the Label Bismarck seems to hear for chinese ears very fashionable – a reminiscence to the german chancellor Otto von Bismarck

Well for chinese ears seems that the sound of the name Bismarck sounds a little bit like fashion. Well the germans named also a schnapps and their pickled herring after the first and still most famous german chancellor, but I think that the “iron chancellor would be delighted to hear that they named some stylish bags after him. Cheers and thanks.


those nice, stylish belts are named after the “iron chancellor” Bismarck, seen in Kunming/China/2010

Blackforest house in stretch version

Black forest stretch house near Foshan China

What’s this? Well that’s the stretch version on a Black Forest house. Be aware of the top and the bottom. The part in between is just a prolongation.  It was not the only one, right beside was the Victorian style stretch version villa. And why not …

Dongfeng Motors startet for BMW to produce minivans (;

A Dongfeng minivan with the grille of BMW

looks like BMW produces also minivans in China

A BMW? Well on the first view. But why I don’t remember that they produce minivans? Well they don´t. Actually the Chinese company Dongfeng Motors was faster. They took the opportunity of the lethargy of the BMW consortium and has now a good car for this big market in China. I suppose that it would be not so easy for BMW to introduce an own minivan in China now. Cheers