Dongfeng Motors startet for BMW to produce minivans (;

A Dongfeng minivan with the grille of BMW

looks like BMW produces also minivans in China

A BMW? Well on the first view. But why I don’t remember that they produce minivans? Well they don´t. Actually the Chinese company Dongfeng Motors was faster. They took the opportunity of the lethargy of the BMW consortium and has now a good car for this big market in China. I suppose that it would be not so easy for BMW to introduce an own minivan in China now. Cheers

Chinese tropical VW Microbus (T2 , VW Bulli)

In the sunny city Sanya on the island Hainan, also called the “Hawai” of China.  I found another reminiscence to the states of the 79/80ies. A nice copy of the VW T2 microbus – in Germany known as VW Bulli. Nice work, nice colours and  smart brain – as far as I know the microbus was never sold in China.

A nice T2 microbus fake in Hainan

nice work of a VW T2 aficionado in Sanya / Hainan / China